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Re: some failures in sysinst


> This is from sysinst from HEAD fromabout ten days ago.
> I chose the Config menu option. Next screen says assume you want to 
> configure a prior installation. Well I didn't install yet. But says 
> "enter to continue". If no option to abort, then should just do the 
> detection step:
perhaps we should make clearer *what* the configuration menus do.
One for configuring the installer, one for configuring an installation.

> The next step is attempt to fsck and command failed with bad super 
> block. Next screen: It appears is not a BSD file syste ... "upgrade" has 
> been aborted. Error number 8.
> It is not an "upgrade".
> Then next screen shows configuration choices "a: Configure network" 
> through "j: Enable mdnsd".  Then 6 junk error lines overwriting it 
> (white text on black where other menu is white text on blue):  No such 
> file ... and ... Could not open /targetroot/tmp/ for writing: 
> No directory.  (I can press Ctrl-L but regular users would be scared.)
You should never have gotten there. This bug could have been fixed along with
I will recheck that fix I pasted and maybe eventually commit it.

Regards, Julian

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