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Re: GSoC: Sysinst enhancements proposal

Julian Fagir ( @ Sat, 31 Mar 2012 20:18:05 +0200 
> Hi,
> > The main goal of the project is to add to NetBSD installer (sysinst)
> > ability to install system to GPT-ed, LVM-ed, encrypted disks, RAIDs
> > and to disk images (vnconfig). Also there are additional goals:
> > improve sysinst usability and rewrite some utilities for more code
> > sharing with sysinst. ...
> > Also sysint have a bit little defects in usability. In this
> > direction I'm planning to do work including: splitting all
> > installation process to separate steps and adding ability to run
> > some step independently i.e. disk partitioning or extracting
> > tar-files (useful when /targetroot already mounted by hand), add
> > menu back option, improve network configuration dialog.
> I think you know my scepticism about sysinst from the earlier post to
> this list. ;-)
> Btw, one question: What is your planned language for this? Do you
> want to make it in C, or in Lua (as you suggested merging mbalmers
> patches)? Are you planning any interface changes or just adding this
> functionality?

It depends on a matureness level of mbalmer's patches. But C will be used

> >   * Implementing install scripts support for automated install;
> I actually have such scripts (but they're not based on sysinst) -
> imho, ideally this functionality should be integrated in sysinst as
> well. Feel free to contact me about that (though it's not really much
> to do).

I mean that this functionality will be part of sysinst.

> >   * Researching into using bsdinstall as NetBSD installer
> > (probably).
> I'd rather tend to bsdinstaller. Research bsdinstall, too, but from
> what I looked at I considered it rather primitive and not as
> extensible as bsdinstaller.

Well, bsdinstaller looks as good choice. But this is only just researching.
Developing modularized sysinst nevertheless better way just because it
less-surprising for users.

With best regards,

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