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Re: Status of syspkgs

Am 29.10.11 21:22, schrieb Julian Fagir:
> Hi,
> I had several talks with somebody (who occassionally also contributes stuff)
> about NetBSD's current distribution. All in all, his resume was that NetBSD
> imports too much stuff to base, which is then just left there unmaintained.
> He reported about security stuff not being fixed, but the pkgsrc versions
> were better maintained.

Who was that?

> He had some suggestions about how stuff should be handled. About having a set
> that includes all the external software, about being able to update base
> packages from pkgsrc, etc. It is also about flexibility and updating the
> system. E.g. always downloading the whole tarset for updating a single
> package might be overkill, plus adding further problems with probably other
> patched files in base.
> All in all, we summarized, this was exactly the issue being addressed by
> syspkgs about nine years ago.
> So: What is the current status of syspkgs? And what direction shall be taken,
> is there an overview of what architecture can be expected, or is it an
> ongoing discussion?

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