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Re: why inet6 for certain ports for sysinst?

On 28 October 2011 04:47, Jeremy C. Reed <> wrote:
> It looks like IPv6 is only available in sysinst for amd64, cats, hp700,
> i386, ibmnws, macppc, ofppc, rs6000, x68k, zaurus. (This means that
> ping6 and rtsol aren't installed; and the autoconfiguration code is not
> included in sysinst.)
> I don't know why ports like sparc64 which have INET6 in kernel are
> excluded. I may be reading this wrong though.
> How is this selected?

I strongly suspect just historical inertia, possibly with an
occasional install media or expected RAM limitation concern.

I think we really should be making things much more consistent.

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