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Re: Sysinst GSOC project

On 27-Apr-2008 Hubert Feyrer wrote:
> Right now, timezone selection looks at what timezones were installed to 
> pick one from. how would that be handled in preinst? or would postinst 
> still ask questions?

The idea is that we don't ask questions in postinst.  I think the way to handle
this would be to have the build process for sysinst (at release time)
would generate a timezone list, put it on the install media, and preinst would
just read it to make the pretty selection box.

I think there will be a few cases like this where we have to move things around
and deal with them early to work around the interactiveness of sysinst. Good

I want to be able to answer the questions, and then go get coffee and return to
a login prompt on my newly installed machine.

Tim Rightnour <>
NetBSD: Free multi-architecture OS
Genecys: Open Source 3D MMORPG:

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