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most efficient/fastest way to test sysinst improvements

What is the easiest and fastest way to test sysinst changes?

In my case, running bochs or qemu is very slow. But using gxemul to run 
different ports is very fast. So I am cross-building on amd64 to cats to 
test my sysinst changes. This is very slow as is -- but once I have the 
build all done I should be able to update sysinst just using the 

Then I would just use ftp within the installer to fetch the new sysinst I 
am working on and try it.

Anyways, what do you all do to test sysinst when you need to do many 

Several years ago when I modified sysinst to have automated install (which 
I used in classroom), I think I used a chroot enviroment to test my 
changes. Now that I remember that, I will try that again ...

  Jeremy C. Reed

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