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more sysinst issues

Note I didn't test on HEAD for these yet. But want to document them before 
I forget. Some of these don't matter and some are bugs:

1) ) The first disklabel screen shows ``The NetBSD part of your disk'' in 
megabytes and tells you how much space is needed with and without.
Shouldn't sysinst know if X is used or not (and only show that)?

2) In simple disklabel editor, you can enter the same directory name 
multiple times. If a critical directory is accidently entered twice, the 
later boot may fail.

3) In simple disklabel editor, you can enter a size that is way larger 
than possible. And a side effect of that is the partition marked with + is 
resized to some impossible amount. And an impossible number is displayed 
in parenthesis.

4) The advanced disklabel editor has "Show all unused partitions" to 
expand to access more potential partitions and "Change input" sizes" at 
some letter immediately after the existing partition letters. The way it 
is now, after choosing to show unused partitions ("f" or sometimes "i" for 
me). Those letters ("f" or "i") become reused.

It would good if they always were assigned letter like "v" and "w" to make 
the interface simpler, so random mistakes don't happen because letters 
change, and so documenting the interface is easier.

5) When writing to disk, sysinst in 4.0 prompts after each step to 
continue. But the first step it says writing DOS partition table, but 
doesn't prompt after that step. (I don't think.) I think that is because 
it doesn't use the function for showing status and running a command (but 
is built in) -- but that doesn't pause like that always.

6) I don't recall noticing this before, but display of main screen didn't 
redraw (or was immediately erased) after finishing installing. It did show 
the "NetBSD-4.0 Install System" menu starting with "a: Install ...".

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