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Re: Graphical Terminal Project

> Experimentally I have created a USB flash drive that an old PC can
> boot.  Once the user logs in to NetBSD, it starts X and launches a
> full-screen rdesktop connection [...]

> Is it possible to make NetBSD automatically log a user in on the
> console so that people don't have to log in twice (once to NetBSD and
> once to Windows)?

Probably.  You might experiment with running something other than getty
in /etc/ttys - maybe try login(1), maybe try a shell....

There are two similar things I'm sure could be done: (1) use a
passwordless account for logging in to NetBSD, which isn't quite
auto-login but can feel like it in some human respects, and (2) start X
at boot - like an xdm setup, only X is run without -query, so it starts
a local session instead of contacting a remote xdm server.

Obviously, this (especially (2)) isn't auto-login in general, just
something that may address the underlying desire that led you ask about

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