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Paring down NetBSD

Hello Dave,

  DPM> I run lots of NetBSD machines, but they're all
     > "production" roles, usually as firewalls and routers,
     > mostly at customer sites but one here.

    Do you pare down your router/firewall installations?
What are you able to omit Vs. an ordinary NetBSD server

  DPM> I use sparc64 (Netra X1s mostly...tiny, cheap, low
     > power) for that stuff.

    I understand those are quite energy-efficient. RAM might
be quite expensive if you don't already have it laying
around though.  I think the only SPARC hardware I have left
is a Krupps that I would like to configure as an X terminal.
I need to learn how to net-boot it though and how to tailor
a NetBSD image for a diskless environment (for this and
other embedded applications).

-Andrew Ball

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