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Re: Developer board for NetBSD flash file system development

Patrick Collins wrote:
Support for the TS7200 is broken. Forget it as an option.

That sucks.  It was working in 2005, whats changed?

On 6/16/10, <> 
Ferenc Havasi wrote:
Here in the University of Szeged (Hungary) we are developing a JFFS2
like flash file system for NetBSD (and the necessary flash layer for
it). As soon as we reach a usable version, it will be open - with BSD

To really test it, we need a developer board with real flash (now we use
flash simulator for development). Can you offer an ARM developer board
with FLASH, where it is not too difficult to set up NetBSD on that?
What type of flash do you need ?

For NOR flash, how about a TS7200 ?


NOR is on its way out.

I probably have a few other boards you could try. I can get you any board from our product line for free-- I'd really like to see a flash filesystem developed for NetBSD. In fact, I have a prototype board with a dual core 650Mhz ARM11 I just bootstrapped NetBSD support for but haven't yet commited to CVS.

Be aware of some of the details of the different NAND chips, there are 512b sector chips, 2k sector chips, and 4k sector chips. Each also have different erase block sizes and different requirements for ECC (MLC vs SLC, reed-solomon vs. hamming codes). My strategy lately is to just create a simple high reliability block layer and run regular old filesystems on top of it-- I'd like to hear more about your plans.

//Jesse Off

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