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Re: Developer board for NetBSD flash file system development

Support for the TS7200 is broken. Forget it as an option.

On 6/16/10, <> 
> Ferenc Havasi wrote:
>>Here in the University of Szeged (Hungary) we are developing a JFFS2
>>like flash file system for NetBSD (and the necessary flash layer for
>>it). As soon as we reach a usable version, it will be open - with BSD
> Great.
>>To really test it, we need a developer board with real flash (now we use
>>flash simulator for development). Can you offer an ARM developer board
>>with FLASH, where it is not too difficult to set up NetBSD on that?
> What type of flash do you need ?
> For NOR flash, how about a TS7200 ?
> <>
>>We tried DevKit8000 OMAP3530 Evaluation Kit, but after many tryings, we
>>are still not able to boot NetBSD on it.
> What happens when you try to boot it ?
> Robert Swindells

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