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Re: NetBSD/evbarm NEO1973 netboot (roadmap)

In article <>, Noud de Brouwer  
<> wrote:
>>Congrats! What are your plans to integrate this and to provide more drivers?
>Christos and all,
>obvious a certain person needs cvs commit ;) to integrate

That can be arranged :-)

>plans..what i'd like to see is:
>-debug usb_add and my usb_add setup..
> i crash after some minutes (but that's just the emulator side)
>-debug the boot on real hardware
> i don't have any but, 1 person does testboots and has different results.
> so far he's done them w/o console, but he's getting closer to his debug 
> there maybe having console.
>we're now at the point all tooling is there.
>-hope to get an X desktop this weekend or at the least know how much
> wscons wsdisplay there is using lcd0.
>-usb keyboard for wscons wskbd should be there(?)
> but usb keyboard on a neo-on-the-go looks a bit i'll try touch 
>screen first
>-NAND file system has been mentioned a few times in
> and recently in
> so i stay off that
> whilst ..
> is a good starting point ;) and would be doable if i succeed the 

Most of this is GPL, but it is very well written [the files I checked at least].

> but/and mind.. already multiple people have stated they have
> private implementations willing to share .. so we could have nand soon
>-(SDHC) sd card
>-agps, audio, gsm/gprs
>-vibrator, backlight, accelerometer, etcetera
>-pkgsrc additions
>think it's an interesting target (personal) machine w/ much modern appliance
>so others should join-in. (could be a hackaton subject,
>and good pr ..NetBSD endorses OpenMoko and Neo1973 in a week)

Yes, it is a very interesting project... I wish I had more spare time.
The plan sounds great, but it is a fair amount of work...


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