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NetBSD General Info


I am not sure if this email is directed to the right location. If not, please let me know which location would be more appropriate.

My name is Mukesh Patel and I work for Raytheon (Defense company). I am working on a project that requires a BSD 4.4 IP Stack. We were using VxWorks' IP stack but we need to get a stack that is more portable. We have software that is currently running based on VxWorks' IP stack, but now we need to move to another OS causing us to not move the IP Stack. So now we wish to investigate what it takes to get an IP stack that is portable and usable on other OS.  

So I wanted to get more information on several issues including portability, flexibility, ruggedness, etc regarding the NetBSD IP stack. I need to understand if the Net BSD would work for us since we would like to use it on an embedded platform, specifically a PPC 440 CPU. I mention Embedded platform because code, data and stack size is critical. We simply want the BSD 4.4 IP stack portion and the capability to modify it. How realistic is this? Is the Stack Posix compliant?

I am also not completely clear as to the differences between NetBSD, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD.  Can you explain why I would consider one from the other? It seemed one evovled from another based on my readings from the web.

Please feel free to call me. I will greatly appreciate a call or email from you soon.



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