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building a firewall


I just got an old 486-based evaluation board with the following
stuff on it:

- 100 MHz 486
- 32 MB DRAM
- 24 MB flash
- 128 kB SRAM
- two network interfaces (no idea of the driver in NetBSD)

I'd like to build my own firewall from this box, the only question
is how can I produce the image which is transferred to the flash
memory. I realize the image must contain the kernel and some
memory filesystem (or could I use part of flash?) for the needed
utilities like dhcpd and ipf.

But how can I create such images? I guess the INSTALL_* floppies
are similar to what I need, but are there any tutorials or
step-by-step introductions for doing embedded systems with NetBSD?

I'm a novice in this area so please don't assume anything...


Martti Kuparinen <>      NetBSD - No media hype          

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