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Cross building netbsd-powerpc using GCC-2.95.3

Hi all:

[Please send all followups to tech-toolchain]

I've been attempting to cross-build Netbsd (current) on a FreeBSD host
for a powerpc target, using the latest set of GNU tools (GCC-2.95.3
and binutils-2.11).  [I'm not going to use the "cross" ports
egcs-1.1.1 compiler for a number of reasons.]

I've been having a little success, and I've posted some patches for
GCC to tech-toolchain.  I can currently cross-build a kernel, but I
have no idea yet if the generated code is actually any good.

My patches are garbage; They generate a bazillion warnings 'cuz I
don't really know the right way to do these things.  But, the results
are better than nothing, and are enough to get me started since I have
to play around with my platform code lots before I even begin to try
to get it running.

I'd gladly collaborate with someone who actually understands this
stuff (I am clearly just faking it! ;-).  If anyone here can offer
some suggestions, head over to tech-toolchain.


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