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Re: NetBSD 4.0 sshd: protocol violation

> Index: src/crypto/dist/ssh/session.c
> -             packet_put_char(WCOREDUMP(status));
> +             packet_put_char(WCOREDUMP(status) ? 1 : 0);

On reflection, I realize this is a bug that needs fixing anyway,
regardless of whether it fixes my issue; there's nothing in
WCOREDUMP()'s interface that promises the low 8 bits of its return
value are nonzero when it returns true, meaning it could falsely
indicate no coredump if the system's WCOREDUMP() happens to return,
say, 0-or-0x8000 instead of the 0-or-0x80 we use.

Who should feed these things back to openssh?  Me?  Our ssh importer?
Someone else?

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