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Solaris vs NetBSD clusters (was: Re: Linux vs FreeBSD clusters)

MLH writes:

> We are running a cluster of about 700 dual processor Athlons (and
> growing) right now for genetics research. They all run solaris86,
> but we know we need to move to other os platforms.

Why do you need to move?  Solaris/x86 is a good platform, and
Solaris 10 is even better.  Do you have some application- or
cluster-specific reason for moving away from Solaris?

> At the same time, we would like to work on some sort of cluster
> install/management package.

This sounds like a good thing to have.  But the first step would be
to implement a method for doing fully automated "hands-off" NetBSD
installations.  This is something that has been sorely lacking since
NetBSD came into existence...

Regards -- Volker
Volker A. Brandt                  Consulting and Support for Sun Solaris
Brandt & Brandt Computer GmbH              WWW:
Meckenheim, Germany                                   Email:

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