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Re: Linux vs FreeBSD clusters (was: how are the Redhat product changes affecting existing and future plans?)

Rayson Ho <> wrote:
> A very good paper about building HPC clusters with FreeBSD:
> "Building a High-performance Computing Cluster Using FreeBSD"
> The author talked about hardware issues: KVM, BIOS redirection, CPU
> choices; and then talked about why he chose FreeBSD instead of Linux...
> he also did the port of GridEngine (SGE) to FreeBSD.
> Anyone tried to setup HPC clusters with *BSD??

I have a 30 node NetBSD/i386 cluster, and just recently created the mailing list.  Some people are working on a 
of SGE to NetBSD, too.  I hope to expand the awareness of NetBSD in
particular for cluster usage in the near future.

Some URLs of relevance:


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