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Re: cluster install (was Re: Welcome to tech-cluster)

> On Tue, 21 Oct 2003, MLH wrote:
> > What I'd really like to see would be to have a boot-floppy that we
> > could insert which had the (easily configurable) machine name, ip,
> > gateway, master host and other configurable info on it so we could
> > just pop the floppy in, without hooking up keyboard and monitor,
> > and have it come up, install NetBSD, and configure itself.  It would
> > be very nice to be able to set the config info on the floppy from
> > a master machine and be able to take a handful of floppy and insert
> > them in the appropriate boxes and have them come up.
> Even nicer, I'd think, would be to stick the MAC addresses of the new
> machines into an appropriate database and just let the machines netboot,
> wouldn't it? Most machines these days do PIX. And some machines these
> days don't even include floppies.

Sounds good. Do you know of a way to obtain a MAC address without
hooking up a keyboard and monitor or opening the box? The boxes
are sealed by M&A and the warranty is voided if we open them.

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