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Re: cluster install (was Re: Welcome to tech-cluster)

On Tue, 21 Oct 2003, MLH wrote:

> What I'd really like to see would be to have a boot-floppy that we
> could insert which had the (easily configurable) machine name, ip,
> gateway, master host and other configurable info on it so we could
> just pop the floppy in, without hooking up keyboard and monitor,
> and have it come up, install NetBSD, and configure itself.  It would
> be very nice to be able to set the config info on the floppy from
> a master machine and be able to take a handful of floppy and insert
> them in the appropriate boxes and have them come up.

Even nicer, I'd think, would be to stick the MAC addresses of the new
machines into an appropriate database and just let the machines netboot,
wouldn't it? Most machines these days do PIX. And some machines these
days don't even include floppies.

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    Don't you know, in this new Dark Age, we're all light.  --XTC

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