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CVS import: src/share/zoneinfo

Module Name:    src
Committed By:   apb
Date:           Thu Dec 26 16:41:00 UTC 2013

Update of /cvsroot/src/share/zoneinfo
In directory

Log Message:
Import tzdata2013i from

Major changes from tzdata2013d to tzdata2013e:

  Fiji (Pacific/Fiji) DST in 2013 starts on October 27, not October 20.

  Several zones have been turned into links, either to correct errors,
  or where the differences were in older data (before 1943) that was
  thought to be unreliable.

  Some time zone abbreviations have been changed.

Major changes from tzdata2013e to tzdata2013f:

  Tocantins, Brazil (America/Araguaina) DST will not start in September

  Jordan (Asia/Amman) moves to permanent UTC+3 (instead of UTC+2 with
  permanent DST since 2012).

  Palestine (Asia/Hebron and Asia/Gaza) will end DST at 00:00, not
  01:00, as from September 2013.

Major changes from tzdata2013f to tzdata2013g:

  Morocco (Africa/Casablanca) now observes DST from the last Sunday
  in March to the last Sunday in October, not April to September.

Major changes from tzdata2013g to tzdata2013h:

  Libya (Africa/Tripoli) has switched its time zone back to UTC+2
  without DST, instead of UTC+1 with DST.

  Western Sahara (Africa/El_Aaiun) uses Morocco's DST rules.

  Acre, Brazil (America/Rio_Branco) and (we guess) western Amazonas,
  Brazil (America/Eirunepe), will switch from UTC-4 to UTC-5 on

  Add entries for DST transitions in Morocco in the year 2038.  This
  avoids some year-2038 glitches introduced in 2013g.

Major changes from tzdata2013h to tzdata2013i:

  Jordan (Asia/Amman) switches back to UTC+2 standard time at 00:00 on
  December 20, 2013.  The 2006-2011 DST transition schedule is planned
  to resume in 2014.  The switch to permanent UTC+3 is cancelled.

  In 2004, Cuba (America/Havana) began DST on March 28, not April 4.

  The files solar87, solar88, and solar89 are no longer distributed.
  The zones built from those files (Asia/Riyadh{87,88,89}) and
  Mideast/Riyadh{87,88,89}) are no longer installed.  They were a
  negative experiment -- that is, a demonstration that tz data can
  represent solar time only with some difficulty and error.  Their
  presence in the distribution caused confusion, as Riyadh civil time
  was generally not solar time in those years.


Vendor Tag:     TZDATA
Release Tags:   TZDATA2013I
U src/share/zoneinfo/antarctica
C src/share/zoneinfo/Makefile
C src/share/zoneinfo/README
U src/share/zoneinfo/africa
C src/share/zoneinfo/australasia
U src/share/zoneinfo/asia
U src/share/zoneinfo/northamerica
U src/share/zoneinfo/europe
N src/share/zoneinfo/leapseconds.awk
U src/share/zoneinfo/southamerica
U src/share/zoneinfo/pacificnew
U src/share/zoneinfo/etcetera
U src/share/zoneinfo/backward
U src/share/zoneinfo/systemv
U src/share/zoneinfo/factory
U src/share/zoneinfo/
U src/share/zoneinfo/
U src/share/zoneinfo/leapseconds
N src/share/zoneinfo/leap-seconds.list
U src/share/zoneinfo/

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        cvs checkout -jTZDATA:yesterday -jTZDATA src/share/zoneinfo

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