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CVS commit: othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff

Module Name:    othersrc
Committed By:   agc
Date:           Thu Jan 10 08:17:11 UTC 2013

Update of /cvsroot/othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff
In directory

Log Message:
Import netdiff library and program, version 20130107, into othersrc.

This is the old BSD diff(1) program, rewritten and re-organised into a
library and a small program to call the functions in the library. 
There are no static variables, and so many comparisons can be
performed simultaneously.  Functionally, the netdiff(1) program is the
same as diff(1).

Standard diff output is produced by default.  Context and unified diff
output can be specified using the -c and -u command line switches, and
the amount of context can be specified in the usual way.

SCM programs usually use ed scripts (RCS and CVS) or binary diffs, and
these are produced using this program.  In addition, a simplified form
of VCDIFF output (RFC 3284) can be produced -- and a separate binary
patch program is used to reconstruct versions through this method.

As this is organised into a library interface, libnetdiff(3) is also
targetted at scripting languages.  Comparison output can be sent to a
file, or held in a buffer, and the buffer read using the API.  If
neither of these options is specified, then the comparsion output will
be sent to stdout.

qdiff(1) is a small program which uses the buffer interface to
retrieve the comparison information. It is provided as an illustration
of how to use the API, and is not installed by default.

Simple tests are in the two Makefiles in the netdiff and qdiff
sub-directories of bin in the reachover infrastructure.


Vendor Tag:     NETDIFF
Release Tags:   netdiff-20130107-base
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/Makefile
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/bin/Makefile
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/bin/netdiff/001.expected
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/bin/netdiff/002.expected
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/bin/netdiff/003.expected
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/bin/netdiff/004.expected
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/bin/netdiff/005.expected
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/bin/netdiff/006.expected
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/bin/netdiff/007.expected
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/bin/netdiff/Makefile
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/bin/netdiff/f1
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/bin/netdiff/f2
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/bin/qdiff/001.expected
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/bin/qdiff/002.expected
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/bin/qdiff/003.expected
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/bin/qdiff/004.expected
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/bin/qdiff/005.expected
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/bin/qdiff/006.expected
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/bin/qdiff/Makefile
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/dist/Makefile
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/dist/TODO
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/dist/diff.c
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/dist/diff_subr.c
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/dist/diffdir.c
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/dist/diffreg.c
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/dist/internal.h
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/dist/libnetdiff.3
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/dist/netdiff.1
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/dist/netdiff.h
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/dist/pathnames.h
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/dist/qdiff.c
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/lib/Makefile
N othersrc/external/bsd/netdiff/lib/shlib_version

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