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CVS commit: [tls-maxphys] src

Module Name:    src
Committed By:   tls
Date:           Wed Sep 12 06:15:36 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        src/sys/arch/amd64/include [tls-maxphys]: param.h
        src/sys/arch/i386/pnpbios [tls-maxphys]: fdc_pnpbios.c lpt_pnpbios.c
            pciide_pnpbios.c pnpbios.c
        src/sys/dev/acpi [tls-maxphys]: acpi.c
        src/sys/dev/ic [tls-maxphys]: mpt_netbsd.c mpt_netbsd.h
        src/sys/dev/isa [tls-maxphys]: isa.c
        src/sys/dev/pci [tls-maxphys]: amr.c mlyvar.h mpt_pci.c pci.c pciide.c
        src/sys/dev/scsipi [tls-maxphys]: cd.c sd.c ss.c
        src/sys/kern [tls-maxphys]: kern_physio.c subr_autoconf.c subr_disk.c
            sys_descrip.c vfs_vnops.c vfs_wapbl.c
        src/sys/miscfs/genfs [tls-maxphys]: genfs_io.c
        src/sys/sys [tls-maxphys]: device.h disk.h mount.h
        src/sys/ufs/ffs [tls-maxphys]: ffs_vfsops.c
        src/sys/uvm [tls-maxphys]: uvm_io.c uvm_map.c uvm_readahead.c
Added Files:
        src [tls-maxphys]: MAXPHYS-NOTES

Log Message:
Initial snapshot of work to eliminate 64K MAXPHYS.  Basically works for
physio (I/O to raw devices); needs more doing to get it going with the
filesystems, but it shouldn't damage data.

All work's been done on amd64 so far.  Not hard to add support to other
ports.  If others want to pitch in, one very helpful thing would be to
sort out when and how IDE disks can do 128K or larger transfers, and
adjust the various PCI IDE (or at least ahcisata) drivers and wd.c
accordingly -- it would make testing much easier.  Another very helpful
thing would be to implement a smart minphys() for RAIDframe along the
lines detailed in the MAXPHYS-NOTES file.

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs rdiff -u -r0 -r1.1.2.1 src/MAXPHYS-NOTES
cvs rdiff -u -r1.18 -r1.18.2.1 src/sys/arch/amd64/include/param.h
cvs rdiff -u -r1.17 -r1.17.6.1 src/sys/arch/i386/pnpbios/fdc_pnpbios.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.12 -r1.12.12.1 src/sys/arch/i386/pnpbios/lpt_pnpbios.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.30 -r1.30.2.1 src/sys/arch/i386/pnpbios/pciide_pnpbios.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.71 -r1.71.12.1 src/sys/arch/i386/pnpbios/pnpbios.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.254 -r1.254.2.1 src/sys/dev/acpi/acpi.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.18 -r1.18.2.1 src/sys/dev/ic/mpt_netbsd.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.10 -r1.10.2.1 src/sys/dev/ic/mpt_netbsd.h
cvs rdiff -u -r1.138 -r1.138.18.1 src/sys/dev/isa/isa.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.55 -r1.55.2.1 src/sys/dev/pci/amr.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.5 -r1.5.44.1 src/sys/dev/pci/mlyvar.h
cvs rdiff -u -r1.22 -r1.22.2.1 src/sys/dev/pci/mpt_pci.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.142 -r1.142.12.1 src/sys/dev/pci/pci.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.219 -r1.219.18.1 src/sys/dev/pci/pciide.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.309 -r1.309.2.1 src/sys/dev/scsipi/cd.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.298 -r1.298.2.1 src/sys/dev/scsipi/sd.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.84 -r1.84.2.1 src/sys/dev/scsipi/ss.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.92 -r1.92.14.1 src/sys/kern/kern_physio.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.223 -r1.223.2.1 src/sys/kern/subr_autoconf.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.100 -r1.100.18.1 src/sys/kern/subr_disk.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.27 -r1.27.2.1 src/sys/kern/sys_descrip.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.185 -r1.185.2.1 src/sys/kern/vfs_vnops.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.52 -r1.52.2.1 src/sys/kern/vfs_wapbl.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.55 -r1.55.2.1 src/sys/miscfs/genfs/genfs_io.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.142 -r1.142.2.1 src/sys/sys/device.h
cvs rdiff -u -r1.57 -r1.57.2.1 src/sys/sys/disk.h
cvs rdiff -u -r1.207 -r1.207.6.1 src/sys/sys/mount.h
cvs rdiff -u -r1.278 -r1.278.2.1 src/sys/ufs/ffs/ffs_vfsops.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.27 -r1.27.6.1 src/sys/uvm/uvm_io.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.322 -r1.322.2.1 src/sys/uvm/uvm_map.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.8 -r1.8.12.1 src/sys/uvm/uvm_readahead.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.4 -r1.4.22.1 src/sys/uvm/uvm_readahead.h

Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
copyright notices on the relevant files.

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