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CVS commit: othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi

Module Name:    othersrc
Committed By:   agc
Date:           Mon May  2 07:01:15 UTC 2011

Update of /cvsroot/othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi
In directory

Log Message:
Initial import of the in-kernel iSCSI initiator, kindly contributed by
Wasabi Systems under a 2-clause BSD license, to the othersrc tree.

The initiator itself can be loaded as an lkm, and works successfully
on 2.0 (the "burner" host), running against the NetBSD target on a 5.99 host.

        burner# modload -v -s -p /usr/lkm/ /usr/lkm/iscsidrv.o
        modload: reserving 36864 bytes of memory
        Module loaded as ID 0
        burner# iscsid
        iSCSI Daemon loaded
        burner# iscsictl add_send_target -a
        Added Send Target 1
        burner# iscsictl refresh_targets
        burner# iscsictl list_targets
        burner# iscsictl login -P 2
        Created Session 2, Connection 1
        burner# iscsictl list_sessions
        Session 2: Target
        burner# newfs /dev/rsd0a
        /dev/rsd0a: 100.0MB (204800 sectors) block size 8192, fragment size 1024
                using 4 cylinder groups of 25.00MB, 3200 blks, 6144 inodes.
        super-block backups (for fsck -b #) at:
             32,  51232, 102432, 153632,
        burner# mount /dev/sd0a /mnt
        burner# df
        Filesystem  1K-blocks     Used     Avail Capacity  Mounted on
        /dev/wd0a     4066094   186994   3675795     4%    /
        kernfs              1        1         0   100%    /kern
        /dev/sd0a       99247        1     94283     0%    /mnt
        burner# dmesg | egrep '(scsibus|sd0)'
        scsibus0 at bha2: 16 targets, 8 luns per target
        scsibus0: waiting 2 seconds for devices to settle...
        scsibus1 at iscsi0: 1 target, 16 luns per target
        sd0 at scsibus1 target 0 lun 0: <NetBSD, NetBSD iSCSI, 0> disk fixed
        sd0: fabricating a geometry
        sd0: 100 MB, 100 cyl, 64 head, 32 sec, 512 bytes/sect x 204800 sectors
        sd0: fabricating a geometry
        sd0: fabricating a geometry
        sd0: fabricating a geometry

on the target end:

        Reading configuration from `/etc/iscsi/targets'
        DISK: 1 logical unit (204800 blocks, 512 bytes/block), type iscsi fs
        DISK: LUN 0: 100 MB disk storage for "target0"
        TARGET: iSCSI Qualified Name (IQN) is
        > iSCSI Discovery login  successful from on disk -1, ISID 70368764559360, TSIH 1
        < iSCSI Discovery logout successful from on disk -1, ISID 70368764559360, TSIH 1
        > iSCSI Normal login  successful from on disk 0, ISID 70368764559360, TSIH 2


Vendor Tag:     WASABI
Release Tags:   iscsi-initiator-base
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sbin/iscsictl/iscsic_daemonif.c
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sbin/iscsictl/iscsic_driverif.c
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sbin/iscsictl/iscsic_globals.h
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sbin/iscsictl/iscsic_main.c
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sbin/iscsictl/iscsic_parse.c
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sbin/iscsictl/iscsic_test.c
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sbin/iscsictl/Makefile
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sbin/iscsictl/TODO
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sbin/iscsid/iscsid.h
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sbin/iscsid/iscsid_discover.c
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sbin/iscsid/iscsid_driverif.c
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sbin/iscsid/iscsid_globals.h
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sbin/iscsid/iscsid_lists.c
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sbin/iscsid/iscsid_main.c
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sbin/iscsid/iscsid_targets.c
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sbin/iscsid/Makefile
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/scripts/load-iscsi
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/scripts/load-iscsi-lkm
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/arch/i386/conf/ISCSI
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/conf/files
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/conf/majors
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/dev/iscsi/base64.c
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/dev/iscsi/base64.h
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/dev/iscsi/files.iscsi
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/dev/iscsi/iscsi.h
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/dev/iscsi/iscsi_globals.h
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/dev/iscsi/iscsi_ioctl.c
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/dev/iscsi/iscsi_ioctl.h
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/dev/iscsi/iscsi_main.c
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/dev/iscsi/iscsi_pdu.h
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/dev/iscsi/iscsi_perf.h
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/dev/iscsi/iscsi_profile.c
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/dev/iscsi/iscsi_profile.h
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/dev/iscsi/iscsi_rcv.c
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/dev/iscsi/iscsi_send.c
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/dev/iscsi/iscsi_test.c
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/dev/iscsi/iscsi_test.h
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/dev/iscsi/iscsi_testlocal.h
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/dev/iscsi/iscsi_text.c
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/dev/iscsi/iscsi_utils.c
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/dev/iscsi/Makefile
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/lkm/dev/iscsi/iscsi_lkm.c
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/lkm/dev/iscsi/
N othersrc/external/bsd/iscsi/sys/lkm/dev/iscsi/Makefile

No conflicts created by this import

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