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Re: CVS commit: src/sys/arch

> The other side of this is that COMPAT_50 (i.e. time_t) doesn't work in the
> module due to the way that it was implemented, so compat is basically broken
> for i386 GENERIC.
> I'm not aware of a disussion about the problem before the time_t merge, so
> that's how the situation came about. There was discussion after the merge
> and the consensus was to:
> - always include native compat compat code in the kernel
> - make emulations depend on it (already true for the modules)
> - use a single option for it to make it maintainable.
> Antti proposed inverting the sense of the option to send a strong signal
> about what is considered the default (NO_COMPAT) but some were uncomfortable
> about this because becuse config allows you to say 'no options foo'.
> So the way forward is understood but noone has stepped up to the plate to
> do the work.

Ah, sorry I missed the thread in current-users.  I was just bitten by
this and had to debug why 3.0 /sbin/init dies on the kernel.


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