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Re: CVS commit: src/sys

On Jan 19, 11:16pm, (Andrew Doran) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: CVS commit: src/sys

| Hi,
| This doesn't work properly any more, when put in code outside a compat
| module, because i386 (soon x86) doesn't get this in GENERIC. I sent
| a mail about it a while ago, can't remember the title.

So how are we supposed to put hooks into the code like in rtsock.c? Do
we use weak symbols and check if they are there? Also right now the kernfs
code does not compile with IPSEC, so we don't have the ipsec files? How
do we fix that?

We need to document the sanctioned way to do these things. Does using
weak symbols work? I am guessing not, because it does not un-resolve them
when the module unloads...


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