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Re: CVS commit: src/sys/arch/alpha/stand/netboot

> > Please don't put mechanical fix to standalone files.
> > It should be reorganized with sys/lib/libsa because
> > 64 bit ops could make binaries too fat.
> Well, libsa had already been changed to use time_t; the compile error

Check cvs log first. It has used time_t for many years.

_BSD_TIME_T_ in alpha/ansi.h has been changed from int to __int64_t.

> I'd gotten was
> /home/dogcow/work/nbsrc/sys/arch/alpha/stand/netboot/getsecs.c:16: error: 
> confli
> cting types for 'getsecs'
> /home/dogcow/work/nbsrc/sys/arch/alpha/stand/netboot/../../../../lib/libsa/net.h
> :111: error: previous declaration of 'getsecs' was here
> so I figured it was merely an oversight that the local alpha routine
> hadn't been changed. What's the proper fix? (It looks like the routine
> is used precisely twice in the MD alpha code, in stand/netboot/if_prom.c...)

I think getsecs() is used only to see timeout in network code,
so it would be better to make it return uint32_t which allows
wraparound, and completely remove time_t from libsa code
(except time_t values to print actual date/time).
Izumi Tsutsui

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