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Re: CVS commit: src/external/bsd/dhcpcd/dist

Hi Roy !

I see that dhcpd apparently does the restart dance with ntp. As of ntp 4.2.4 (already included in NetBSD 4.0) restarting ntp for coping with changed IP-addresses is no longer necessary. ntpd perfectly understands changed ip addresses on interfaces and re-binds itself (unless running as non-root). Usually it is better to keep ntpd running as a restart
destroys all statistics.
may we should consider to avoid restarting ntpd unless it runs as non-root.

Best regards,

Roy Marples wrote:
I've updated the comment to this.

Import dhcpcd-4.0.7 with the following changes from dhcpcd-4.0.1

DHCP_DECLINE now includes the IP and Server in the message.
Trailing NULLs are stripped from string options.
ntpd is only restarted if it is already running.
ClientID is no longer sent by default.
CSR comes before routers and static routes as per RFC 3442.
Host routes are now added correctly.
If a the interface link flaps but status does not change, do not reset
the timer.



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