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Re: localeio

On Wed, May 21, 2008 at 11:52:58AM +0900, SODA Noriyuki wrote:
> The following change has some serious problems.
> e.g.
> - The database format doesn't have a magic number.
>   So, there is no chance to change the format.

I know but the EXISTING LC_TIME stuff didn't either.  This was just
a generalization of the existing logic.  The LC_TIME stuff has been
there with exactly the same format for over a year.  Originally
committed by Emmanuel Dreyfus (manu).

Also note that FreeBSD has used this same "database" format for
something like seven years.

I believe that it will be possible to change the format if necessary.
The current format is basically a flat text file.  If a more binary
format is required/desired, it should be possible design a header,
with a magic number and version, that can easily be distinguished
from the current and a new format.

> - The design doesn't consider the copy directive of localedef(1).

It is not supposed to.  It is only supposed to be the internal
format used by the library.  The copy directive of localedef(1) --
which I've been working on when I have time -- is not used in the
final form by the LIBRARY.  It is a directive that tells localedef(1)
to copy the information from one locale when creating another.  I
think you are confusing things.  I have found no implementation
where the library is expected to parse the format specified for
localedef(1).  It is the "responsibility" of localedef(1) to produce
the appropriate "database" format for the library.

> Since these will introduce compatibility problem, I believe it is
> better to disable this implementation temporarily for now.
> I think review by Nozaki-san (tnozaki@netbsd) is necessary
> as well as by christos.

It was reviewed and OK'ed by christos.  He did not feel, at the
time, it needed a wider audience.

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