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Re: CVS commit: src

> Does Anyone(TM) please document the policy of library (version)
> handling in NetBSD?

It's almost obvious if you consider
how dynamic linker works and check
related man pages, isn't it?

If any existing ABI is changed and
binaries linked against an old shlib
no longer work with newer one,
you must bump major.

If no existing ABI is changed but
there are any changes (like API addition)
which could make binaries linked
against new shlib problematic on system
with older shlib, we should bump minor
as identifier. In that case uses can
remove old one as postinstall(8) does.

According to man pages, in a.out(5) world put warnings if any libraries which
had old minor were used, but elf(5) doesn't
check minor anymore as you can see on ldd(1).

Anyway, it also sounds good to bump minor
on security fix so that users can see
if thier system should be updated or not.
Izumi Tsutsui

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