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Re: CVS commit: src/sys/arch

> Please don't use ACPI as justification when it mostly doesn't apply.
> The problems for ACPI debugging were not lack of serial console. A
> serial console doesn't help you that much right after resume as it is
> dead as well.

The lack of any available console support didn't help one iota - and
traditionally, PC's serial ports require practically nil setup.

> Many laptops actually have a far superior interface for debugging:
> firewire. The support for that is at least seriously underdocumented.
> Not sure if the gdb/kgdb support exists at all.

Personally, I prefer a even nominally working method to a theoretically
better, not-existing-in-practice one. (I'd love to be proven wrong about
the 'not existing in practice'; it might encourage me to get a firewire
PC card for my laptop.)

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