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Re: CVS commit: src

In article <>, Elad Efrat  
<> wrote:
>Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:
>>> also, where is the consensus of the class of programs to protect with
>>> USE_FORT taken from? and what's the reason for it?
>> It takes a considerable amount of time to get large sets of source files
>> building cleanly with FORTIFY_SOURCE because one finds various failures
>> to conform to the C standard (non-tolerance of standard functions implemented
>> as macros in header files) and some genuine and sometimes rather complex
>> bugs (e.g. the struct ifreq problem).  My intent was to get as much value
>> for the initial investment of time as possible.
>in other words, it is planned to, as time goes by, make more parts of
>the system build with USE_FORT, correct?

The hope is that we should be able to build everything with it.


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