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sun-lamp CVS commits

Wed Sep 21 20:06:02 PDT 1994
Update of /b/source/CVS/src/bin
In directory

Revision/Branch: 1.1.1

Log Message:
Import original 4.4-Lite version.


Vendor Tag:     CSRG
Release Tags:   lite-1
C src/bin/
C src/bin/Makefile
C src/bin/cp/cp.1
C src/bin/cp/cp.c
N src/bin/cp/utils.c
C src/bin/cp/Makefile
C src/bin/cp/extern.h
C src/bin/date/date.c
C src/bin/date/date.1
C src/bin/date/netdate.c
C src/bin/date/Makefile
N src/bin/date/extern.h
C src/bin/dd/dd.c
C src/bin/dd/Makefile
C src/bin/dd/dd.1
C src/bin/dd/args.c
C src/bin/dd/conv_tab.c
C src/bin/dd/conv.c
C src/bin/dd/dd.h
C src/bin/dd/misc.c
C src/bin/dd/extern.h
C src/bin/dd/position.c
C src/bin/echo/echo.c
C src/bin/echo/echo.1
C src/bin/echo/Makefile
C src/bin/hostname/hostname.1
C src/bin/hostname/hostname.c
C src/bin/hostname/Makefile
C src/bin/kill/kill.1
C src/bin/kill/kill.c
C src/bin/kill/Makefile
C src/bin/ln/Makefile
C src/bin/ln/ln.c
C src/bin/ln/ln.1
N src/bin/ln/symlink.7
C src/bin/ls/util.c
C src/bin/ls/print.c
C src/bin/ls/ls.1
C src/bin/ls/extern.h
C src/bin/ls/cmp.c
C src/bin/ls/ls.c
C src/bin/ls/ls.h
N src/bin/ls/stat_flags.c
C src/bin/ls/Makefile
C src/bin/mkdir/mkdir.1
C src/bin/mkdir/mkdir.c
C src/bin/mkdir/Makefile
C src/bin/mv/mv.1
C src/bin/mv/Makefile
C src/bin/mv/mv.c
C src/bin/mv/pathnames.h
C src/bin/pwd/pwd.c
C src/bin/pwd/Makefile
C src/bin/pwd/pwd.1
C src/bin/rcp/rcp.1
C src/bin/rcp/rcp.c
C src/bin/rcp/Makefile
C src/bin/rcp/pathnames.h
N src/bin/rcp/util.c
N src/bin/rcp/extern.h
C src/bin/rmail/rmail.8
C src/bin/rmail/rmail.c
C src/bin/rmail/Makefile
C src/bin/rmdir/rmdir.c
C src/bin/rmdir/rmdir.1
C src/bin/rmdir/Makefile
C src/bin/sleep/sleep.1
C src/bin/sleep/sleep.c
C src/bin/sleep/Makefile

63 conflicts created by this import.
Use the following command to help the merge:

        cvs checkout -jCSRG:yesterday -jCSRG src/bin

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