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Re: Leak Sanitizer - how to suppress leaks

On Thu, Sep 12, 2019, 7:24 PM Simon Burge <> wrote:
Kamil Rytarowski wrote:

> I will revert it, but I am looking for a more generic approach.
> How about adding ifdef __NO_LEAKS like:
> #ifdef __NO_LEAKS
> free(3)?
> #endif
> And in lsan/asan/valgrind/etc checks use -D__NO_LEAKS.

Sorry if I'm missing something that has been already explained,
but why (practically) do we care about memory leaks for a utility
that is about to finish?

If we're doing some ugly #ifdef dance only when running the
sanitiser(s), then we haven't actually done anything to "fix"
the leak in the installed binaries so it seems that there was
no practical problem that we were trying to solve in the first

When multiple people are doing leak busting, maybe over years, they eliminate many false positives so you can focus on the real issues w/o a run time penalty. Especially something in the library that comes up often... otherwise they get in the way of making progress...



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