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re: CVS commit: src

"matthew green" writes:
> Module Name:	src
> Committed By:	mrg
> Date:		Sun Feb  3 03:19:32 UTC 2019
> Modified Files:
> 	src/games/backgammon/teachgammon: teach.c
[ ... ]
> 	src/usr.sbin/wsmuxctl: wsmuxctl.c
> Log Message:
> - add or adjust /* FALLTHROUGH */ where appropriate
> - add __unreachable() after functions that can return but won't in
>   this case, and thus can't be marked __dead easily


there are a bunch of cases the fallthru checker still complains about
that should be valid constructs.  eg, these two both fail:

        case foo1: {  
                /* FALLTHROUGH */
        case foo2:

        case foo1:
                /* FALLTHROUGH */
        case foo2:

AFAICT, the only construct accepted if where the comment is alone
(with or without spaces) on the immediately preceeding line.

i don't want to change code that has otherwise valid fallthru
comments, particularly the dozens of external files with both the
above constructs.

most of the changes to add or fix comments are already commited,
but more will be coming to -Wno-error this warning.


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