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Re: CVS commit: src/external/bsd/top/dist

On Jun 2,  7:36pm, (Eitan Adler) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: CVS commit: src/external/bsd/top/dist

| I don't mind reverting this: it came out of a discussion on IRC. That
| said, perhaps "cd /tmp" would resolve both issues?

This is a 3rd party program that behaves everywhere the same way;
changing it for NetBSD will just produce unexpected results for
the user:  How will I even know to cd to /tmp to look for the core?
As I said, if you want it to run from a different directory, wrap
it in a shell script or use an alias. These user-specific customizations
don't belong in a general purpose program. It is a slippery slope
to start making programs behave in random ways just because it is
convenient for some uses. For example, I've never needed top to
chdir before it grew a 'machine' subdirectory to fix the mess of
ifdefs it required to run on multiple OS's. Are you planning to
change vmstat to do the same? iostat? systat? Why not? These changes
don't make sense (to me).


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