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Re: CVS commit: src/tests/lib/libc/locale

For the gcc 5.5 version:

30              if (!(d == t->double_value)) {
(gdb) x/16i $pc
=> 0x804887c <h_strto+60>:      fldl   0x4(%ebx)
   0x804887f <h_strto+63>:      fucomp %st(2)
   0x8048881 <h_strto+65>:      fnstsw %ax
   0x8048883 <h_strto+67>:      sahf   
   0x8048884 <h_strto+68>:      jp     0x8048891 <h_strto+81>
   0x8048886 <h_strto+70>:      jne    0x8048891 <h_strto+81>

and after the sahf:

(gdb) info float
  R7: Valid   0xc00cc0e6b7318fc50481 -12345.67890000000079      
=>R6: Valid   0xc00cc0e6b7318fc50800 -12345.67890000000079      
  R5: Empty   0xc00cc0e6b7318fc50800
  R4: Empty   0x00000000000000000000
  R3: Empty   0x00000000000000000000
  R2: Empty   0x00000000000000000000
  R1: Empty   0x00000000000000000000
  R0: Empty   0x00000000000000000000

Status Word:         0x3120                  PE             C0         
                       TOP: 6
Control Word:        0x037f   IM DM ZM OM UM PM
                       PC: Extended Precision (64-bits)
                       RC: Round to nearest
Tag Word:            0x0fff
Instruction Pointer: 0x17:0x0804887f
Operand Pointer:     0x1f:0x08049cd0
Opcode:              0xddea

and the "jne" is taken.


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