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Re: CVS commit: src/sbin/shutdown

    Date:        Mon, 12 Sep 2016 06:22:35 +0000
    From:        "Sevan Janiyan" <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | Modified Files:
  | 	src/sbin/shutdown: shutdown.8
  | Log Message:
  | shutdown appeared as a standalone utility in 4.2BSD release, in 4BSD its a
  | target in init.

I will need to find where I put my CSRG SCCS files to check, but I don't
think shutdown can really have first appeared in 4.2

Shutdown originated in 6th edn (maybe 5th) UNSW (pdp-11) unix, originally
written by Ian Johnstone - I had it (and modified it) in the Melbourne Uni
version of Wollongong University's Interdata 6th edition, and then added
to 3BSD at Melb, and then added it to the Berkeley sources, where Bill Joy
modified it even more.

At one stage it had (in comments in the source) our names all neatly
lined up ...

	Ian Johnstone 
	K. Robert Elz
	William N Joy

till someone else in CSRG (one of the Keith's I suspect) modified it more,
and added their name, and the nice block layout was broken ... so all that
nonsense was removed.

But because Bill worked on this, it really cannot have appeared in BSD
later than 4.1 (and the original was probably correct - 4BSD.)

The actual shutdown was always a "target in init", through all of this,
shutdown's job was to notify users of the upcoming outage, install an
/etc/nologin at the appropriate time, and then poke init - that is, it
provided orderly planned shutdown/reboot - init on the other hand just
"shutdown now, immediately".


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