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Re: CVS commit: src/sys/net

   Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2016 13:24:15 +0000
   From: Roy Marples <>

   I found the time to work on this, here is the patch I've been running
   for an hour or so upping and downing interfaces.

The rule in Roy's patch is that each new state changes kicks out all
higher-priority transitions, and is queued after all lower-priority
transitions, with priorities DOWN = -1, UNKNOWN = 0, UP = 1.

This has the effect that each queue has the regular expression

down? unknown? up?

with the following equivalences:

down/down = down
down/unknown = down/unknown
down/up = down/up
unknown/down = down
unknown/unknown = unknown
unknown/up = unknown/up
up/down = down
up/unknown = unknown
up/up = up

Except for an issue with queueing discussed privately (scheduling a
softint that is already scheduled won't cause it to run again, so
if_link_state_change_si needs to process the whole queue in one go),
that approach looks fine to me, although as we also discussed
privately we can easily compact it into a three-bit mask with a
trivial update instead of a whole array of states.

This has the consequence that if the link goes up/down in quick
succession, and then up/down in quick succession, &c., with the queue
processed after each up/down transition, userland will never be
notified.  However, if the link goes down/up, then down/up, &c., the
userland will be notified of all the transitions.  Roy claims that
that's OK, and I'm inclined to believe the author of dhcpcd about

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