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Re: CVS commit: src/sys/net

On 15/02/2016 10:32, Ryota Ozaki wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 6:35 PM, Roy Marples <> wrote:
>> On 15/02/2016 08:08, Ryota Ozaki wrote:
>>> Module Name:  src
>>> Committed By: ozaki-r
>>> Date:         Mon Feb 15 08:08:04 UTC 2016
>>> Modified Files:
>>>       src/sys/net: if.c if.h
>>> Log Message:
>>> Run if_link_state_change in softint
>>> if_link_state_change can execute the network stack that is expected to
>>> not run in hardware interrupt (at least now), however network drivers
>>> may call it in hardware interrupt. Avoid that by introducing a new
>>> softint for if_link_state_change.
>> I don't know anything about softints, so this could be a silly question,
>> but this change looks racey to me. Is there a guarantee anywhere that
>> if_link_state_change() won't be called again before
>> if_link_state_change_si() has been called?
> Not guaranteed. Hmm, you're right. There is a race condition;
> ifp->if_link_state can be overwritten before calling
> if_link_state_change_si and it does matter if ifp->if_link_state
> has been back to ifp->if_old_link_state. (If ifp->if_link_state
> is different from ifp->if_old_link_state, it doesn't matter
> because it's just that the later state wins.)
> I think we can fix by returning from if_link_state_change_si
> if ifp->if_link_state == ifp->if_old_link_state. Is it correct?

Then we're not doing what we should because the protocol actions may not

Can we not extend softint_schedule to take some user data? That way,
each call (which I'm assuming would be sequential) can carry the link
state change in the user data which can then be applied to the interface.


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