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Re: src/sys (removal of sysctl "redundancies" breaks modular spdmem)

On 14/04/14 14:19, Paul Goyette wrote:
Module Name:    src
Committed By:   pooka
Date:           Tue Feb 25 18:30:14 UTC 2014

Modified Files:


         src/sys/dev/ic: an.c ath_netbsd.c bwi.c rtw.c spdmem.c wi.c


Log Message:
Ensure that the top level sysctl nodes (kern, vfs, net, ...) exist before
the sysctl link sets are processed, and remove redundancy.

Shaves >13kB off of an amd64 GENERIC, not to mention >1k duplicate
lines of code.

The removal of the SYSCTL_INIT stuff breaks use of (at least) spdmem as
a kernel module.  The following error occurs during modload:

kobj_checksyms, 880: [spdmem]: linker error: symbol
`sysctl_spdmem_setup' not found
WARNING: module error: unable to affix module `spdmem', error 8

I have not checked any of the other affected files to see if they are
also used as modules (and thus would suffer similar breakage).

Can you please either come up with an alternative mechanism for the
modular version of spdmem, or revert this fix?

fixed.  thanks for the report.

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