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re: CVS commit: src/external/bsd/nvi

> Both are using our db1. The difference is:
> -DUSE_DB1      use the emulation code the previous vi used
>                (this is not the default)
> -DUSE_BUNDLED_DV use the new vi API that is db neutral (this is
>                the default)
> There is no separate copy of the db code.
excellent! i misunderstood your commit message.

> I can't get the crash you are describing to happen. Can you tell
> me how to reproduce it?

it was pretty simple.  you :E, make some changes in one view,
ESC ^W to the other window, and try to make another change
there as well.  it usually was enough.

(i don't have a system with a broken nvi installed currently
to easily check.)


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