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Re: CVS commit: src/sys/modules/lua

Am 18.10.13 19:13, schrieb Alexander Nasonov:
> Marc Balmer wrote:
>> This was not an import of Lua.  The Lua sources already are in the tree.
>>  When we are ready to move from Lua 5.1 to Lua 5.2, Lua 5.2 will be
>> imported to sys/external, as I already mentioned.
> In this case, kernel changes should have been added to 5.1 source and
> later ported to 5.2 code.

I don't understand you here.  The Lua codes wher imported unaltered.

>>> For example, if I want to generate bpf code when a user sends a filter
>>> program to /dev/bpf* with Lua, I don't need a device driver. I need to
>>> open a regular lua_State, load sljit module, run bfjit.lua script and
>>> close the state afterwards.
>> Which you can already do.  I will have an example for that later.  The
>> function prototypes ar in sys/sys/lua.h, btw.
> ok
>> It does not really matter as long as the names don't clash.
> It potentially makes upgrading to a newer version of Lua more difficult
> because your private names may conflict with the new version of Lua API.

That would be spotted immediately when doing a test build.

> It also harder to read code.
That is only a matter of taste, imo.

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