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Re: CVS commit: src/libexec/httpd

Am 12.10.13 20:24, schrieb Alistair Crooks:
> On Sat, Oct 12, 2013 at 05:24:07PM +0000, Marc Balmer wrote:
>> +#ifndef NO_LUA_SUPPORT
>> +#include <lua.h>
>> +#endif
> Thanks for doing this, it's nice to get more lua support in-tree.
> I really dislike the double negative in this one, though - it's much
> easier for everyone if the definition was HAVE_LUA_SUPPORT and default
> it to defined, or yes, or whatever.

I followed the general pattern in httpd of defining
NO_<WHATEVER>_SUPPORT in bozohttpd for consistency.  Almost all other
options like CGI, SSL etc, are defined in this - admittetly weird - way.

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