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Re: CVS commit: [agc-symver] src/lib/libc

On Fri, Apr 05, 2013 at 01:50:41PM +0900, Masao Uebayashi wrote:
> I'm not sure if symbols like _citrus_* are meant to be exported as
> global.  Probably not.

Oh dear. That's a pity:

Taken from a 5.1_STABLE system...

[23:12:11] agc@morden ~ 3 > nm /usr/lib/ | grep _citrus_
0000000000200ab0 D _citrus_LC_CTYPE_desc
0000000000200540 D _citrus_LC_MESSAGES_desc
0000000000200920 D _citrus_LC_MONETARY_desc
00000000002008c0 D _citrus_LC_NUMERIC_desc
00000000002005c0 D _citrus_LC_TIME_desc
0000000000207c20 D _citrus_NONE_ctype_ops
0000000000207cc0 D _citrus_NONE_stdenc_ops
0000000000207c10 D _citrus_NONE_stdenc_traits
00000000000cba00 T _citrus_bcs_convert_to_lower
00000000000cba80 T _citrus_bcs_convert_to_upper
00000000000cbc60 T _citrus_bcs_skip_nonws
00000000000cbb80 T _citrus_bcs_skip_nonws_len
00000000000cb9b0 T _citrus_bcs_skip_ws
00000000000cbbf0 T _citrus_bcs_skip_ws_len
00000000000cba20 T _citrus_bcs_strcasecmp
00000000000cbaa0 T _citrus_bcs_strncasecmp
00000000000cd1d0 T _citrus_bcs_strtol
0000000000060b10 T _citrus_bcs_strtoul
00000000000cbb20 T _citrus_bcs_trunc_rws_len
00000000000603a0 T _citrus_csmapper_open
00000000000cd0e0 T _citrus_ctype_btowc_fallback


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