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Re: CVS commit: src/games/phantasia

On Sun, 17 Feb 2013, Martin Husemann wrote:
For those happy to never been exposed to this acronym: he is talking about
the Windows User Annoyance Coolaid which campaigns with it's brother VUS
(Keep virtualy all Users Stupid) to make expert users (defined as those
users that grok the concept of a "pathname") look like complete idiots.

Let me explain the issue to you, as this is not (directly) about user protection, but instead about compat. The UAC executable name check was added in Vista, since administrative users don't run every executable with admin privileges. In this case, the "run as administrator" UAC dialog is there to help legacy software installers. Under Cygwin (where I'm running, it doesn't guarantee that a GUI is available to present the UAC dialog, so legacy executables try to elevate privileges, and fail (no GUI!) so permission denied is returned. This behaviour can be overriden by supplying a prog.exe.manifest file that specifies the requested permissions. Christos fixed this in but the two culprits in src/games don't use that mechanism (and should probably be fixed to do so).

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