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Re: CVS commit: src/share/man/man5

On 03/10/2012 10:45, Alan Barrett wrote:
The single instance dhcpcd already accepts messages

dhcpcd #start dhcpcd up
dhcpcd -x bgeo # Stop dhcpcd on the bge0 interface
dhcpcd -n iwi0 # Restart dhcpcd on the iwi0 interface

Works just fine.

Can this be combined with something like "denyinterfaces *" in
dhcpcd.conf to mean "start dhcpcd, but don't actually do anything on
any interfaces", and then later send a message to mean "start actually
doing something on the bge0 interface"?  And then can we make
ifconfig_bge0=dhcpcd send a suitable message?

Yes, and this already works.
The only problem is that dhcpcd starts AFTER the network script and I don't know how to go about changing that.
The other issue is that /var is required to be mounted rw.

However, you don't gain anything from setting dhcpcd=YES and ifconfig_bge0=dhcp because dhcpcd is permissive by default.

Some people would like interfaces to do nothing by default, until
explicitly configured with either "use dhcp" or "use these static

These same people can still do this. At no point am I stopping them from doing this. I am just encouraging the use of dhcpcd.conf to allow or restrict interfaces instead of rc.conf
But is that the real problem? You *want* to use rc.conf. If so, why?



PS, reply to me directly please as I'm not subbed to this list.

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