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Re: CVS commit: src/etc

martin@ wrote:

> > - isn't it better to fallback to create compat ipty nodes
> >   if mount_ptyfs fails, so that we don't have to put tweaks into
> >   obsolete install floppies?
> >   (though it might cause inode shortage because a number of nodes is
> >    calculated before create_mfs_dev is called in makedev_main())
> Or set a flag variable if we mounted ptyfs and ignore {i,o}pty calls
> if that is set (assuming that by now we mostly have ipty requests everywhere
> where it is needed)?

Probably we can have the similar check as mount_fdesc one, but
MAKEDEV is also used on cross tools to create images with device nodes
(-s: Generate mtree(8) specfile instead of creating devices)
and unlike fdesc compat pty nodes are created outside of /dev/pts,
so I'm afraid checking ptyfs is enough.

Izumi Tsutsui

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