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Re: CVS commit: src/etc

christos@ wrote:

> >> We can, however, use a modified MAKEDEV script for install cdroms (and then
> >> use ptyfs).
> >
> >MAKEDEV is a generated file so I'm afraid it is a bit annoying
> >to sync modified version with standard one.
> but MAKEDEV can just run mkdir /dev/pts, the rest can be done in rc scripts.
> Hell, the rc script can run mkdir -p /dev/pts before mounting.

I don't see your point.  Discussion here is that the target "init" in
MAKEDEV (that is invoked by init(8)) should create compat pty nodes or not.

If tmpfs /dev created by init(8) is used only on installation or
emergency environments, it's probably okay to create ipty.

If tmpfs /dev created by init(8) is also used by LiveCD etc.
(i.e. root on (read only) cd9660 environments which might run
on multiuser with ptyfs), it should not create compat pty nodes.

We can have special MAKEDEV which create "ipty" in "init" target,
but "init" should also create "all" devices (or nodes defined in
MD MAKEDEV.conf) that are defined in generated files.

I'm suggesting it's easier to fix etc.rc scripts in installcd
to mount ptyfs and remove (revert) opty from the target init
in src/etc/MAKEDEV.tmpl, rather than maintaining special MAKEDEV
for installcd.
Izumi Tsutsui

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