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Re: CVS commit: xsrc/external/mit/xconsole/dist

wiz@ wrote:

> Module Name:  xsrc
> Committed By: wiz
> Date:         Thu Jul 12 10:14:50 UTC 2012
> Modified Files:
>       xsrc/external/mit/xconsole/dist: xconsole.c
> Log Message:
> Revert local patch adding a call to openpty.
> Defining HAS_OPENPTY (which I just added in the crossover Makefile)
> has the same effect.

You added it to src/x11/bin/xconsole/Makefile
but it is for xsrc/free (i.e. X11R6).

src/external/mit/xorg/bin/xconsole/Makefile is the reachover one
for Xorg, and it already has HAS_OPENPTY.

Have you checked X11R6 xconsole?

Izumi Tsutsui

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